Marcos Palazzesi

vfx compositor

Everything you can imagine is real.” - Pablo Picasso

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VFX compositing reel




00:05 VFX Compositing of the second season of the Disney+ Intertwined series.
This first reel shoot was not the first one the production team assigned me. But with this shot I had the opportunity to showcase my integration skills. After successfully completing this shot, the VFX team started to assign Hero Shots to me. In this shot I had the opportunity to integrate the different real elements with their alpha and CG elements over the clean footage. I recreated the shadows and reflections taking as reference the original footage and other references. Some elements were taken as a reference for the whole sequence to which this shot belongs.

01:16VFX Compositing for the US film “Flamin’ Hot”.
In this film I was assigned to retouch scripts that had already been through more than one composer making the task a bit more difficult. But as in this reel my intention is to showcase results made by me 100% I recreated the shots to achieve the same result.
I had tasks that I did include cleanplates, tracking, keying and integration of CG elements over footage.



Marcos Palazzesi
Music: The Tesseract by Marco Martini.

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Marcos Palazzesi

I’m a Visual Efects Compositor from Argentina with 3 years of experience living in Barcelona.

In 2006 I started my career as a Sound Designer for advertising and audiovisual content. Having studied Motion Graphics and VFX at University, in 2018 I returned to my passion for visual effects. In 2021 I took a course with the VFX composer Carolina Novell in Barcelona. I learned a lot from her and I got a strong foundation in digital compositing in VFX.

I’m currently studying Lighting for animation with LightingLab for Maya (Arnold) and Creative Shrimp for Blender. I have also decided to take up programming again, this time with Adrian Pueyo with his Phyton course for Nuke Artists.

I am interested in working in a team, learning, sharing what I know. Looking for new challenges and to progress in my career as a VFX compositor.

I have worked with clients such as Disney Company, McCann, JWT, Accenture, Publicis, TBWA, Grey, Coca Cola Company, Luxotica, Red Bull to mention some of them. With my 10+ years industry experience, I have worked in US, Latam & Europe and have developed a passion for new audiovisual storytelling techniques.

Feel free to contact me if you need help with your project or just to say hello.