Marcos Palazzesi

Video artist & sound designer from Argentina happily working in Barcelona available for freelance.

00:00 Motion tracking – Reel Opening
00:04 Motion Graphics – “Motion graphics is fun with music”
00:13 Music Video “Piazzolenado” El Juntacadaveres – Production, Edition, Post production Supervision
00:16 Instagram Logo Animation
00:19 Social Media Promotions
00:24 Phone Mockup Promotion – “Welcome to NY, It’s been waiting for you”
00:27 Promotion video for the World’s Greatest Tattoo Art Festival 2019
00:30 Ballon Flights – Short film animation
00:39 3D Motion Tracking Exercise – Let’s Dance
00:44 Panel Mockup Shopping “Fly with Us”
00:47 Tablet Mockup “Fly with Us + One Touch”
00:51 One touch #RGGreenScreen – Keying, color correction, rotoscoping & matte painting
01:04 MTV animation Exercise
01:07 Contact

Music by Stomp Me Out – Bryce Fox
Sound Design by Marcos Palazzesi

Marcos Palazzesi
Skype: marcospalazzesi
+34 684275975